Getting started guide

Welcome to rx! rx makes it easy to set up, use, and share a remote environment while letting you continue to use all of your favorite local tools.

The getting started guide provides interactive examples to get you familiar with rx. To begin, create a directory to use for this tutorial:

$ mkdir getting-started
$ cd getting-started

Install rx by running:

$ pip install run-rx

See the install docs for more info.

Finally, get this directory mirrored on a remote machine by initializing it with rx:

$ rx init

This sets up rx in the current directory, similar to “git init”. It will prompt you to log in and/or create an rx account. Then it will set up a machine for you in the cloud and copy over any local files (although there aren’t any yet).

Now you’re ready to get started with hello world.

The full code for this section is also available in the getting-started repository on GitHub, if you prefer to clone that and run the finished examples.

Table of contents